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Big fish, small fry
  • Countries

    Tanzania and Uganda and Kenya

  • Format


  • Producer/Director

    David Campbell , Nick Hughes

  • Produced By

    The World Conservation Union (IUCN

  • Duration in Minutes

    35 min.

  • Languages English
  • Year


  • Address

    IUCN - The World Conservation Union Rue Mauverney 28 Gland 1196 Switzerland

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  • Keyword(s)

    Uganda,Tanzania,Smallscale fisheries,Overfishing,Nile perch,Lakes,Lake Victoria,Kenya,Freshwater fisheries,Fishing communities,Fisheries trade,Fish smoking,Biodiversity

  • Description
  • This video looks at the growing concerns for the future of the Nile perch fisheries in Lake Victoria, whose waters are shared by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The introduction of the Nile perch dramatically changed the lives of the Tembia fishermen dependent on the lake. Massive overfishing of the Nile perch, to meet the demand of the modern export-processing factories on the lake's edge, has resulted in the near collapse of the local fishing industry. It has also affected the traditional fish smoking, rendering many women traders jobless. The film raises the important question: What will happen when the fish stock runs out?

    Camera: Nick Hughes
    Editing: Kavila Matu Sound: Moses
    Script: Nick Hughes
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