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Thailand: Forced Labor, Trafficking Persist in Fishing Fleets
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    Human Rights Watch

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    Human Rights Watch Thailand

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    Labour,Labour rights,Fishermen,Fisheries livelihoods,Fishing craft,Fishworkers rights,Fishworkers struggle

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  • Forced labor and other rights abuses are widespread in Thailand’s fishing fleets despite government commitments to comprehensive reforms, Human Rights Watch said in a report released. The report and a 15-minute film were released at a briefing at the European Parliament on January 23. The 134-page report, “Hidden Chains: Forced Labor and Rights Abuses in Thailand’s Fishing Industry,” describes how migrant fishers from neighboring countries in Southeast Asia are often trafficked into fishing work, prevented from changing employers, not paid on time, and paid below the minimum wage. Migrant workers do not receive Thai labor law protections and do not have the right to form a labor union.
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