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Hard TEDs: a guide to better performance
  • Countries

    United States

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  • Producer/Director

    Dominy Hataway / John Mitchell

  • Produced By

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Department of Commerce

  • Duration in Minutes

    45 min.

  • Languages English
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    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 14th Street &Constitution avenue, NW, Room 6217,Washington, DC 20230,USA E-mail: Site:http://

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    United States,Turtles,TEDs,Shrimp trade,Overfishing,Fishing gear,Fishermen,Fisheries resources,Fisheries management

  • Description
  • Hard TEDs: A Guide to Better Performance is a practical guide which provide shrimp fishermen up-to-date information on the construction, installation and use of TED i.e. the Turtle Excluding Device, in particular, the hard TED. Information has been drawn from the experience of commercial shrimp fishermen, and gear specialists along with various institutions. After extensive research the film provides information on
    1 Choosing the right TED
    2 Installation of hard TED for best performance
    3 Review of TED components which affect shrimp retention in the TED
    4 TED deployment and retrieval tips and
    5 TED maintenance.

    Different types of TEDs are also featured. The video provide sufficient and precise information about different aspects related to maintenance and trouble shooting and how the TED can work efficiently for better management of resources.

    Edited by Robert Gaylor and Dominy Hataway and script by Dominy Hataway and John Mitchell.
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