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    Sun TV

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    Sun TV

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    17 min.

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    SUN TV

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    Safety of life at sea,Safety at sea,Overfishing,Maritime boundaries,Indonesia,Indian ocean,ICSF,Fishermen,Distantwater fishing vessels,Conferences,Conditions at work,Australia,Arrests

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  • Uncut footage of the television interview of Sebastian Mathew by theSun TV correspondent on 15-10-2001 at Chennai, India. The interview covers questions about the programmes of ICSF, the significance of the Indian Ocean conference and other important issues concerning small-scale fishers. The discussion focuses on issues like conditions on board fishing distant-water fishing vessels, and transboundary crossings by fishers and their arrest for illegal fishing, as in the case of Indonesian fishermen in Australian waters. It also highlights the importance of exploiting resources that are not exploited and overfished.
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