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Fishing in South Africa
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    South Africa

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    Andrew Johnston

  • Produced By

    South African Fishworkers Association, Capetown

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    60 min.

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    Industrial fisheries,Greenpeace,Fishworkers organizations,Fishing gear,Fishing craft,Fishing communities,Fishermen,Fisheries management,China

  • Description
  • Fishing in South Africa is a collection of news stories, uncut footage, interviews and a talk show on South African television. They relate to issues of rights of small-scale fishermen, fishing licenses and government policy, poaching and criminal activity in small and large-scale fisheries, etc. The rights had given to large-scale companies. There is a report on abalone fishing, the debate on which has brought into focus issues relating to rights of traditional fishermen, poaching and other illegal activities as well as government policies. There is a report from CNN on shark finning. Another report talks of the questions thrown up following the government's White Paper on the restructuring of South Africa's marine resources. There is an investigative report on pirate vessels poaching the price Patagonian Tooth fish, and the Greenpeace's efforts to stop them.
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