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Shores of silence: Whale sharks in India
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  • Producer/Director

    Mike H. Pandey

  • Produced By

    Riverbank studios

  • Duration in Minutes

    25 min.

  • Languages English
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    Riverbank Studios, C-18, Chirag Enclave, New Delhi 110048, India E-mail:, Phone: (91 11) 2641 0684 or 2621 6508

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    vSHO 034

  • Keyword(s)

    Whale shark,Smallscale fisheries,Philippines,Gujarat,Fishermen,Fisheries resources,Africa

  • Description
  • This film is an expose of rampant whale shark hunting in Saurashtra coast, Gujarat, India. Although the whale shark is not yet endangered, its numbers are sharply dwindling. The small-scale fishermen of Saurashtra have recently made a practice of whale shark fishing, the profits of which are reaped by middlemen. This film is an effort to garner support to conserve and protect the whale shark, as well as to explore alternatives for the local fishing community. This film has won the Green Oscar and several other awards.

    Camera: Mike H. Pandey
    Script: Shibani Choudhury
    Editing: Rita Banerji
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