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Shrimp fever
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  • Producer/Director

    Ron Orders/Nick Davidson

  • Produced By

    A Central TV Production made for Channel4 TV

  • Duration in Minutes

    52 min.

  • Languages English and Spanish
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    Channe4 Television 124 Horseferry Road London SW1P 2TX E-mail: WebSite:

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    United States,Shrimp farming,Shrimp Culture,Shellfish,Mangroves,Fisheries trade,Exports,Aquaculture

  • Description
  • This film tells the story of the fast buck made by a few at the expense of long-term environment degradation and dislocation of an entire way of life in Ecuador, in the wake of the 1980s craze in the US for exotic shellfish, in particular, the large tropical shrimp. In order to meet the demand, which far exceeded the natural availability, over 500 miles of forest cover along the Pacific- coastline was deforested to accommodate large commercial shrimp farms.

    Narrator: Juliet Stevenson Music: Richard Wright Camera: Ron Orders and Frank Battersby
    Sound: Maggie Ellis
    Editing: Tony Pound and Marcela Cuneo
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