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Rising from the ashes: gender, globalisation and the fisheries
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    Debbie McGee

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    The Centre for Academic and Media Services,

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    60 min.

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    The International Development Office The Centre for Academic and Media Services Rm.E-004,Education Building Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John?s, NF, Canada A1B 3X8 Site:http://

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    Zanzibar,Smallscale fisheries,Nigeria,Globalization,Fishing communities,Fisherwomen,Fisheries trade,Fisheries resources,Fisheries management,Fish processing,FIsh markets,CBCRM,Canada,Cameroon,Aquaculture

  • Description
  • This film documents the efforts of a group of women who came together in Newfoundland, Canada's Atlantic Coast in May 2000 as part of the Gender, Globalisation and Fisheries in the New Millennium project, They were researchers from universities and NGOs, and women fishworkers from Atlantic Canada, in all representing 18 countries. In this film the project's Steering Committee members -- Barbara Neis, Marion Binkley, Cristina Manechy, Debbie Mcgee, Nalini Nayak, Chandrika Sharma, Unnur Disskaptadottir and Angela Drake --discuss vital fishery issues from the perspective of gender and globalization.
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