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Senegal fisheries conflict: video news release
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    Greenpeace Communications Limited

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    Greenpeace Communications Limited

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    7 min.

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    Greenpeace Communications,5 Bakers Row,London ECIR 3DR

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    Senegal,Pirogues,Fishing craft,Fishing communities,Fisherwomen,Fishermen,Fisheries trade,Fisheries agreements,Fish smoking,Fish processing,Children,Artisanal fisheries

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  • This video shows how Senegal, like many other countries in Africa, was forced to sell out to fishing agreements and joint ventures. Traditionally, fishing-related activities involved the participation of the entire community, including women and children, who process the fish. This entire way of life is now under threat from offshore overfishing by large industrial vessels. The video contains interviews with artisanal fishermen.
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