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The Price of the Fish
  • Countries

    Senegal, Mauritania, European Union

  • Format


  • Producer/Director

    Remy Vlek

  • Produced By

    Filmwerk Remy Vlek

  • Duration in Minutes

    57 minutes

  • Languages French, Dutch and English
  • Year


  • Address

    Filmwerk Remy Vlek, Kadoelenweg 372, 1035 NT Amsterdam Email

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  • Keyword(s)

    Sustainable fisheries,Smallscale fisheries,Senegal,Mauritania,Industrial fisheries,Fishing gear,Fishing craft,Fishermen,Fisheries trade,Fisheries agreements,Artisanal fisheries

  • Description
  • This film deals with the fisheries agreements between Mauritania and Senegal and the EU. It also shows the differences in the use of gear by industrial trawling and artisanal fishing.


    Camera: Marco Chris Relleke
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