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High hopes, low tides
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    Julie Church / Sam Evans

  • Produced By

    WWF for Nature

  • Duration in Minutes

    37 min.

  • Languages English
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    WWF Kiunga Project, Lamu, Kenya, E-mail:; Site: www.

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    Turtles,Natural resources,Marine resources,Marine reserves,Marine protected area,Mangroves,Kenya,East Africa

  • Description
  • This film has three parts: an introduction to the people, landscape and history of the eastern African coast; the threats to the marine resources of the region, with a focus on the Kiunga Marine National Reserve area and its environs; and how the experiences gained in the Kiunga Marine Reserve have helped address these challenges. The film touches on the need for good partnerships, a strong team, simple yet effective headquarters, and co-operative village working groups.
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