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    Micheal Beatty

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    18 min.

  • Languages Thai
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    Thailand,Seagrass,Pacific ocean,Overfishing,Marine resources,Mammals,Industrial fisheries,Indian ocean,Dynamite fishing,Dugong,Destructive Fishing Techiniques

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  • This film tells the unique story of a dugong protected by law and self-interest. (A dugong is a marine mammal inhabiting the warm coastal waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans that feeds on seagrasses and is similar to the American manatee.) The local traditional fishermen of the Andaman sea of Malaka Strait in southern Thailand, unable to compete with the large trawlers that were depleting their fish stocks, were advised by a rural development organization to replant seagrasses. This had a dramatic affect on the revival of fish stock. One day, a near-extinct dugong appeared in these waters. Conservationists were alerted, as a result of which trawling was completely banned. Now there is abundant fish in this area. .
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