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Under the sun: the transient fisherfolk of Jambudwip
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    Rita Banerji

  • Produced By

    International Collective in Support of Fishworkers

  • Duration in Minutes

    36 min.

  • Languages English and Bengali
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    International Collective in Support of Fishworkers 27, College Road Chennai - 600 006 Phone -(91) (44) 282 75303 Fax- (91) (44) 282 54457 email:

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    West Bengal,Smallscale fisheries,Natural disasters,Mangroves,Livelihoods,Jambudwip,India,Fishing communities,Fisherwomen,Fishermen,Fisheries legislation,Behundi Jal,Bay of Bengal

  • Description
  • This film deals with the issues involved in the stake-net fishery of Jambudwip, West Bengal, India. It traces the genesis of the standoff between the fishworkers and the government, and analyzes the processes that led to the government action against the traditional fishworkers. It also documents the response of the fishworkers, and the actions taken by the National Fishworkers' Forum to help them regain their rights to the fishery.
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