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The state of marine mammals
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    United States

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  • Producer/Director

    Jennifer Wilson

  • Produced By

    Television Trust for the Environment and Worldwide Television News

  • Duration in Minutes

    30 min.

  • Languages English
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    Television Trust for the Environment Prince Albert Road London NW14 RZ United Kingdom Emai:l Site:

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  • Keyword(s)

    whales,Tuna,Pollution,Overfishing,Marine resources,Mammals,Fishing gear,Fisheries management,Destructive Fishing Techiniques

  • Description
  • The film deals with the threat to the existence of marine mammals from pollution, fishermen and native hunters. Both sides of the debate are presented, from the perspective of the native hunters of the Arctic, to the anti-whaling protestors of USA. It shows how both threatened species and fishermen's livelihoods can be safeguarded, and emphasizes the need for better marine management of overfishing and procedures based on sustainable harvesting.

    Narrator: David Symonds
    Title Music: AL Lethbridge
    Editor: Paul Leonardo
    Script: Debra Melnyk
    Executive Producer: Robert Lamb
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