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Troubled Waters
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  • Producer/Director

    Laszlo Barna

  • Produced By

    Barna- Alper Productions

  • Duration in Minutes

    22 min.

  • Languages English
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    Barna- Alper Productions 366 Adelaide Street West Suite 700 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 1R9 Email: Site:

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    Overfishing,Fisheries trade,Fisheries resources,Fisheries policy,Canada,Atlantic ocean

  • Description
  • This film tells the poignant story of government mismanagement and short-sightedness resulting in the wiping out of an entire industry and a way of life in Canada. In 1992, the Canadian Government announced a moratorium on the fishing of all northern cod for two years, resulting in the dislocation of over 20,000 fish workers. Earlier generations of fishermen had a viable way of life, with plentiful fish. The 1980s saw an alarming drop in the quantity of fish, caused largely due to foreign overfishing outside the 200-mile international boundary. This film documents some of the last efforts tp prevent this tragedy.

    Script: Laura Alper
    Editing: Manfred Becker
    Narration:Cordon Pinsent
    Music: Russell Walker and Jamie Snider
    Camera: Al Crocker
    Sound: Bill Barry and Jim Rillie
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