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    Jean-Yves Empereur

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    Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre d’Etudes, Alexandrines

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    3, rue Michel-Ange 75794 Pris cedex 16 – France Ph: +33 1 44 96 40 44

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    Tradtional knowledge,Smallscale fisheries,Nile,Lake Tana,Lake fisheries,Fishing craft,Fishing communities,Ethiopia,Egypt,Culture,Boat building,Artisanal fisheries

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  • The film traces the ancient African tradition of making papyrus boats. Today, the practice is found only in a few regions of Africa, such as in Ethiopia, surrounding Lake Tana. At Lake Tana, 1,850 m above sea level and some 4, 000 km from the mouth of river Nile, papyrus grows to three or four metres in height. The local population use it to make mats, fencing and frail craft known as tankwas. A light-weight material, the papyrus can hold a disproportionately heavier load. The movie illustrates the making of this boat, its uses and the community’s culture that has evolved around the papyrus.
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