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Coral divers say No to cyanide
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    Don Duchene

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    Wildcard Productions

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    17 min.

  • Languages English
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    Wildcard Productions, P.O. Box 550, Chester, N.S. B0J 1J0, Canada; E-mail:

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    San Salvador,Philippines,Fishing communities,Fishermen,Cyanide fishing,Coral reefs,Aquarium fishing

  • Description
  • This documentary features the simple and effective alternative methods adopted by the local fisherfolk of the Philippines' island of San Salvador to save their coral reefs and educate the people on the harmful effects of cyanide fishing. The project, undertaken in collaboration with the Haribon Foundation, shows how in the last 30 years, the use of dynamite and cyanide as fishing techniques has resulted in 70 per cent of coral reefs losing their original potential, with an estimated loss of $160 mn a year to the fishing industry. The film was produced for Ocean Voice International, Ottawa, Canada, and Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Manila, Philippines.

    Script: Marvic Pajaro
    Music: Jocy Ayala and Kurt Hah
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