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Removing Fishing Gear from Longline Caught Sea Turtles
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    United States

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    NOAA Fisheries, Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Pascagoula MS Laboratory

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    NOAA Fisheries Service 1315 East West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910 Website:

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    Turtles,Tuna,Swordfish,Longline fishing,Fishing gear,Destructive fishing techiques,Baits

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  • This is an educational film that explains in detail the various methods of how sea turtles can be released from fishing hooks unintended for them. Longline fishing is practiced throughout the world to capture fishes like swordfish and tuna. Often, endangered turtle species like the leather-back turtles take the bait and get hooked to the fishing line. The film demonstrates the use of various tools and methods to release the turtles from the hooks in a manner that will increase their chances of survival.
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