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In the Same Boat?
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    Martha Steigman and Sherry Pictou

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    Cinema Politica P.O. Box 55097 (Mackay) Montreal, Quebec H3G 2W5 Website: Email:

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    Canada,Handlining,Aboriginal fishing,Indigenous peoples,Fishworker organizations,Riverine fisheries,Access rights,Smallscale fisheries,Fisheries agreements,Fishing communities,Treaty rights

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  • Shot on Nova Scotia’s legendary Bay of Fundy, In the Same Boat? explores the common ground between indigenous and non-native communities, while showing the very different role that fishing plays in two neighbouring fishing communities – the native community Mi’kmaq and the other non-native community in the region.

    Part One, The End of the Line, is a portrait of Terry Farnsworth, the last handliner on the Bay of Fundy. Handlining is the most ecological-friendly fishing technology around. It was the foundation of the rural economy in this part of the country; and for Terry, it’s a vocation. These days, most fishing licenses have been bought-up by big companies. As fish stocks plummet, will Terry be forced off the water?

    Part Two, In Defense of our Treaties, follows the struggle of Bear River First Nation (Canada) as they stand up to pressure from the Department of Fisheries (DFO) to sell their treaty rights for a ticket into the commercial fisheries. For the Mi’kmaq, fishing is a right that comes from the Creator, and is protected by the Treaties. In 1999, the Supreme Court recognized those rights, and DFO has signed agreements with 32 of the 34 First Nations in the region. The deals offer money to buy into the commercial fisheries, as long as the Mi’kmaq fish

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