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A tale of the Sundarbans (Badabon-er Katha)
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    Moynul Huda

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    Steps AV Centre, Rupantor

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  • Languages Bangla,English
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    Steps towards Development ¾, Block – D, Lalmatia Dhaka – 11207 Email: Ph: 9118167, 8113275

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    Sundarbans,Mudflats,Mangroves,Livelihood,India,Forests,Fishing communities,Conflicts,Bangladesh,Islands

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  • This documentary film presents the scenic beauty of the Sundarbans in different seasons, as well as the dependency of humans on the forest for making their living. The Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world, lies on the southwestern coastal areas of Bangladesh, forming a seaward fringe of the delta. The Sundarbans is intersected by a complex network of waterways, mudflats and small islands, covered with mangrove forests. Badabon-er Katha begins with images of the majestic forest. The documentary features the diverse lifestyles of people living in the Sundarbans, including fishing community, honey collectors and others. Badabon-er Katha also highlights some natural and man-made changes that are fast becoming threats to the existence of the legendary forests. This film is a joint venture by Steps Towards Development and Rupantor.
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