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Life in the time of Climate Change
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    South Africa

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    Helena Kingwell

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  • Languages English
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    1 Station Road, Mowbray, Cape Town, South Africa P O Box 13012, Mowbray 7705, South Africa Email: Ph: +27 21 685454

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    Climate change,South Africa,Ocean currents,Fishermen,Fishing communities,Fish species,Environmental impact,Fisheries legislation,Sea level rise

  • Description
  • The film narrates accounts of climate change experienced by fishermen along the South African Coast. Various fishermen share on camera how the sea has changed over the years – shifting sands, rising currents, missing species, new species showing up. Topping this, the new fishing permit laws allow fishermen to fish only in their waters. How are these fishermen handling the changes beyond their control and that which is not their doing? Or are they able to handle the changes at all?
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