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Altered Oceans
  • Countries

    United States, Australia

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  • Producer/Director

    Kenneth R. Weiss, Usha Lee McFarling

  • Produced By

    Los Angeles Times

  • Languages English
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    Email: Website:

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  • Keyword(s)

    Savage,Sea lion,Marine pollution,Marine debris,Acidification,Marine litter,Toxins,Manatee

  • Description
  • Altered Oceans is a Pulitzer winning five-part series on the increasing pollution in the oceans caused by toxins, debris, acidity, bacteria, sewage, and other human-created perils and how that has affected ocean life. Images of little albatross birds’ stomachs filled with plastic debris, or of the gentle sea mammal, manatee, washed ashore dead or of sea-lions floating about with comatose with neuro-toxic poisoning, fill the screen. These disturbing images forces one to consider the amount of stuff a human consumes in his/her lifetime, poisoning the land and the sea around in the process.
    This series of two-minute videos that narrate tales of ocean damage across the world, is the outcome of a journalistic assignment undertaken by Kenneth R. Weiss, Usha Lee McFarling and Rick Loomis for the Los Angeles Times.
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