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For the life assertion of the people of the sea
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    Terramar Institute

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    Person Pine Street, 86 – Neighbourhood Joaquim Tavora – Fortaleza, Brazil Ph: (85) 3225.2476 Website:

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    Tourism,NGO,Land tenure and use,Fishworkers struggle,Fishworkers organization,Fishing communities,Brazil

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  • The film traces the struggle of a local community in Prainha, a municipality in Brazil, to prevent the invasion of real estate agents and to stop tourism from taking over their livelihoods. The Terramar Institute is an NGO that was set up in 1993 to work on the issues of lobster predatory fishing and real-estate speculation. The film advocates Terramar’s efforts in aiding the fishworkers struggle, while also telling the story of a community that would like to stick together and bring forth ‘development’ on its own terms.
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