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Chronicles of Oblivion
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    Priyanjana Dutta

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    Dakshin Foundation with support from Duleep Mathai Nature Conservation Trust

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  • Languages English and Oriya
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    Dakshin Foundation, Flat No 8, Dwarakamai Residency, # 2278, 24th Cross, Sahakarnagar C Block, Bangalore 560 092 Ph: +91(80) 42113509

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    Odisha,Fisherwomen,MPA,Protected areas,Sanctuaries,National Parks,India,Fishing communities,Ban,Biodiversity,Conservation,Conflicts,Livelihood,Arrests,Women,Post-harvest fisheries,Overfishing

  • Description
  • Chronicles of Oblivion unearths the insidious impacts of sea turtle conservation seen through the eyes of women fishworkers of Odisha. These women's stories guide the narrative of the film revealing the unequal and invisible world of women fishworkers from Kendrapara and Ganjam districts of Odisha, and the unaccounted labour of coping with conservation. The film recounts the daily lives of fisherwomen in Odisha, highlighting their struggles with the forest department, crocodiles and men. Toiling in regions where rights are largely ephemeral notions, the daily lives of fisherwomen hinges on numerous uncertainties. Confronting not just an overall scenario of depleting fish catch and unsustainable fisheries, women located along biodiversity rich habitats also have to contend with the fickleness of legal conservation restrictions, which have dealt a severe blow to their livelihoods and way of life. The well-shot black-and-white images of the women’s lives, along with the soulful Bengali folk music in the backdrop, narrates their battles in a matter-of-fact tone – one which evokes both thought and empathy.
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