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TEDs: Turtle Excluder Devices: safeguarding shrimp fisheries and endangered sea turtles
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    Steve Cowan

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    Steve Cowan

  • Duration in Minutes

    15 min.

  • Languages English
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    Earth Island Institute 300 Broadway, Suite 28 San Francisco, CA 94133 Email: Site:

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    Turtles,TEDs,Shrimp trade,Fishing craft,Fishermen,Fisheries trade,Bottom trawling

  • Description
  • This film strongly advocates the use of turtle excluder devices (TEDS) on the fleets of all shrimp fishing nations, to avoid costly shrimp boycotts and trade restrictions in the future, in the wake of increased consciousness about endangered marine species. The film explains that as a simple, inexpensive and highly effective device that prevents turtles from drowning, TEDS have proven to be 97 per cent effective at releasing turtles without significantly reducing shrimp catch.

    Narration: Peter Coyote
    Music: Paul Bedford
    Script: Steve Cowan, Todd Steiner and Robert Neustadt
    Editing: Bryan Nadeau, Steve Cowan, and Steve Baigel
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