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Invisible Possibilities
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    Paul Oyango, University of Tromso and University of Dare es Salaam

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    Tanzania,Poverty mitigation,Africa,Lake Victoria,PovFish,Fishing communities,Culture,Livelihood,Credit,Income,Kenya,Uganda

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  • The movie takes an unconventional and optimistic view of poverty, providing an alternative angle to look at poverty eradication. Exploring the lives of a fishing community in Tanzania, East Africa, the movie looks beyond the usual causes of poverty to examine invisible processes that sustain the vicious cycle of poverty. These include the lack of education, economic freedom and medical care. Adopting a straight-forward narrative, the film records in detail the ways in which the incomes of fishing communities, around Lake Victoria, are strained. An almost feudal set-up exists in these communities, where the fishermen do not have enough money to own fishing craft or engines, and have to work on the fishing craft of richer men. The film suggests community based management adopted by the people in the region, as a means to tackle such invisible barriers.
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