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A View of the Indian Coast
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    Ahana Lakshmi

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    TRInet for the coast, Arm Consultants

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    Email:; Website:

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    Tamil Nadu,Mangroves,Maharashtra,Kerala,Karnataka,India,Gujarat,Goa,Fishworker organizations,Earthquakes,CRZ,Coastal hazards,Coastal ecosystems,Coastal area management

  • Description
  • The video is an informational documentary on the coastline of India. An educational narrative spans across a series of scenic as well as enlightening photographs of the Indian coastline. The movie is a surprising wealth of fact, even to those in India. Did you know that Mumbai sits on three fault lines and hence is a seismically active zone? With dramatic intonations, the narrator reels basic facts about the various coastal zones, the coastal ecosystems, the resources of coastal zones and the natural hazards that coastal zones are susceptible to.
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