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From Dust
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    Sri Lanka

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    Dhruv Dhawan

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    Dhruv Dhawan

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  • Languages English
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    No. 80, Media Business Center, PO Box 72280, Dubai Media City, Dubai Email: Website:

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    Tsunami,Sri Lanka,Rehabilitation,Natural disasters,Legislation,Housing,CZM,CRZ,Coastal area management,Access rights

  • Description
  • Filmed in Sri Lanka, From Dust is a cinematic expose that takes an incisive look at a government's response to a natural disaster. Shot in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, this documentary tells the stories of three people affected by the disaster. The film questions why survivors in Sri Lanka weren't allowed to rebuild their homes along Sri Lanka's coastline citing a 1981 national law that protects coastlines, while hotels were allowed to come up in these zones. This film reveals life in tents and obstacles that stall the rebuilding effort in Sri Lanka, presenting an untold story about a "100 meter rule".
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