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Community-based Coastal Resources Management (CBCRM)
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    Women,Philippines,Overfishing,Marine conservation,Mangroves,Fishing communities,Fishermen,Community-based coastal resources management,Community based management,CBCRM

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  • When the marine resources of Philippines started showing signs of depletion – lesser fish catch, loss of mangroves, decline in coral reefs – the local fishing community decided to get involved in managing coastal resources upon which they depend. As more and more users of resources become directly included in management decisions and the scale of responsibility becomes local, the "ownership" of responsibility increases and the compliance to rules increases. More importantly, it seeks to address the core issue of open-access, with all its inefficient and iniquitous consequences, by strengthening the community's access and control over their resources. Underlying the term "community-based" is the principle that primary resource users should also be the rightful managers of their resources. CBCRM is also a process through which coastal communities are empowered politically and economically so that they can assert and gain rightful access and management control over their coastal resources. This short film, made for the CBCRM festival, 2003, illustrates these various measures taken by the community to reclaim their livelihoods.
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