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Chilika - The Symphony
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    Chilika Development Authority

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    Ph: 91(674)2434044/2436654 Fax: 91(674)2434485 Email:

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    Siltation,Rivers,Ramsar,Odisha,Lake fisheries,Lagoons,Lagoon fisheries,India,Estuaries,Chilika Development Authority,Brackishwater,Biodiversity

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  • A promotional video produced by the Chilika Development Authority (CDA), the film captures the vitality of Chilika in Odisha, on screen. Fifty two rivers and rivulets drain into Chilika, which is a thriving zone for biodiversity and upon which the lives of 0.2 million people depend. But, change in land-use pattern and deforestation resulted in excessive silting in the lagoon, adversely affecting the different species that depend on it. CDA was set up in 2000 to rectify this. The film illustrates the techniques adopted by the government agency to restore the lagoon.
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